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Extend SimpleImage with plug-ins like WMV and Perian.

Little App, Big Features


View all the most common kinds of images & movies in a single app and display them in slideshows.


Catalogue your images & movies with browsers and restore windows just the way you left them with snapshots.


Retrieve files easily with searchable thumbnails of as many as the last 1,000 items you've viewed.


Correct your images by applying sophisticated, non-destructive adjustments and effects to them.


Print images with automatic cropping and selection tools tailored to match common photo paper sizes.


Export in a variety of formats and preview image compression options when preparing images for the Web.

What's New

New in SimpleImage 6.2

  • New Info popover shows image and movie metadata in a clearer and more concise way
  • You can now apply labels and ratings right from a window's Info popover
  • SimpleImage now supports applying multiple labels to a single file
  • Relinking items is now faster and works correctly on APFS volumes
  • You can now select multiple volumes to search when relinking items
  • Improved compatibility with High Sierra
  • Many other small fixes and improvements

New in SimpleImage 6.1.6

  • Note: This version of SimpleImage may not be available through the built-in update mechanism; you may need to download it directly from the web site
  • The Window menu now displays a play icon next to currently playing movies
  • You can now pause or resume a slideshow by double-clicking anywhere on the screen
  • Slideshows now work better in Split View on El Capitan
  • Updated the Sparkle framework to fix a potential vulnerability

New in version 6.1.5

  • Improved compatibility with El Capitan
  • New option lets you preserve original creation and modification dates when exporting movies
  • Frame images copied from movies now preserve the user-selected aspect ratio
  • The state of the Inspector and other utility panels is now preserved across launches even when the 'Close windows when quitting an app' option is turned on in System Preferences
  • Windows restored at launch are now correctly removed from recent items
  • Fixed an issue that could cause slideshows to fail to start

New in version 6.1.4

  • Shift-resizing images now works correctly in Yosemite
  • More detailed progress text when relinking browser and recent items
  • Fixed browser contact sheets cutting off the last item on some pages
  • Fixed partially offscreen windows getting nudged into view when unhiding the app
  • Fixed items opened from the Quick Look panel occasionally appearing behind other windows
  • Various other small fixes and enhancements

New in version 6.1.3

  • New look for the Find panel
  • Image selection overlays no longer draw outside the image bounds
  • Fixed a bug that caused rendering artifacts when displaying large images on Macs with certain graphics hardware
  • Fixed controls in some panels not drawing with the correct appearance in Yosemite

New in version 6.1.2

  • Improved compatibility with Yosemite
  • Slideshow controls once again snap correctly to the bottom of the screen

New in version 6.1.1

  • Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when opening files using the Quick Look popover or the Open Next/Previous File commands.

New in version 6.1

  • New look for Yosemite Updated interface elements and new light and dark themes for browsers
  • You can now create animated GIFs from movie selections
  • New look for browser and movie contact sheets
  • You can now preview browser and movie contact sheets before you create them
  • Image metadata is now grouped by category
  • Changes you make to browsers are now automatically applied as defaults to new browsers
  • Frame numbers are now shown automatically when stepping through movies
  • Movies now show time remaining
  • Movies with lots of chapters now open more quickly
  • New fixed ratio selection option for iPhone 5 screen sizes
  • The tasks panel now appears in the window menu
  • Animated GIFs are now looped by default
  • Flicking a Magic Mouse to scan a movie or adjust its volume now works better
  • Browsers are now more responsive when generating thumbnails
  • Fixed Skip Forward and Skip Backward rounding to the nearest second
  • Fixed the Inspector panel not updating after movie edits
  • Fixed thumbnails decompressing and loading their images before they were needed
  • Fixed thumbnail drags messing up window ordering
  • Fixed a cosmetic issue with the slider knobs in the Adjustment & Effects panel
  • Plus lots of under the hood changes The entire app has been updated to use ARC for better reliability, and thumbnail generation and movie export have been rewritten as XPC services for better performance

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